Being among the most preferred places of interest in Istanbul, the Bosphorus is even more attractive in the morning. Have you ever thought of the unique opportunity to have your substantial breakfast on a private luxury yacht while enjoying the magnificent view over the Bosphorus and its notable attractions.


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Please note: The above mentioned price is based on the hire of the yacht and not per person. The maximum capacity of the yacht is 8 people in a group. For further details about group requests and rates, do not hesitate to contact us!

In the list below are mentioned the most notable places of interest included in your Bosphorus tour. For your convenience they are separated into two parts - the South Bosphorus (including the Golden Horn and the central part to the Bosphorus Bridge) and the North Bosphorus (starting from the Bosphorus Bridge to the Black Sea)


Some of the best and most impressive attractions can be found on the south part of the Bosphorus. They are also very close to the city.


Crossing the Bosphorus Bridge there are also many places of interest worth visiting such as the Beylerbeyi Palace, the village of Cengelkoy, Kuleli Naval Academy, Arnavutkoy with its notable yalis (mansions on the Bosphorus seaside made of wood), Rumeli Hisari (the magnificent Fortress of Europe), the town of Bebek with its attractive bay and the Bosphorus University.

In the north part of the Fatih Bridge, known as the second bridge built on the Bosphorus, is placed Anadolu Hisari (the Fortress of Anatolia), Kucuksu Kasri ( a small palace built in Rococo style), the Hadiv Kasri (fine art Nouveau villa constructed in 1900 of the Khedive of Egypt), the welcoming restaurant village of Tarabya, the town of Buyukdere (with its best landmark - the Sedberk Hanim Museum), Sariyer (where tourists will find a fish market and various restaurants on the shore where mainly seafood is served).

As soon as your Bosphorus tour is over, visitors will be transferred either to the hotel or to any place they want to visit.

The duration of your Breakfast Service on Bosphorus on a Luxury yacht is 2 - 3 hours excluding the transfer time.

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